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For more than twenty-five years, BURG Treuhand AG takes care of a wide range of aspects in the daily life of its clients. Once founded in Frauenfeld, BURG Treuhand AG has its domicile in Schaffhausen for many years now and is well-established not only in Schaffhausen but also in the surrounding cantons and the German area close to the border.

Our longstanding experience combined with innovation and a state of the art infrastructure enables us to deliver an outstanding service.

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No matter whether you are an individual person, self-employed, owning or representing a registered company, with BURG Treuhand AG on your side, you are well equipped for a wide range of situations and requirements.

Are you new to Schaffhausen, coming from abroad to work here for one of the international companies? We can help you with a broad variety of themes.

We advise our clients on tax and financial issues. We accept mandates to buy, sell or manage real estate and assist with the establishment and registration of a new company. We offer accounting services including annual statements and we support our clients with contracts like prenuptial agreements or the correct setup of a will.

Thank you for visiting our website, learn more about the broad offering of BURG Treuhand AG and how we can support you.