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Declaration of Income/Tax return

Tax return - a piece of cake ?

As opposed to the procedure in many countries, in Switzerland, the employee files an income declaration where the annual taxable income is calculated by deducting some expenses from the annual gross income. Some expenses qualify for deduction and others don’t. But how exactly does it work?

Are you an expert ?


Thanks to years of experience with the tax authorities in Switzerland we know for example which investments and what kind of health care expenses qualify to reduce your gross income.

We are able to advise you regarding the impact of education costs on your tax bill as well as the fiscal consequences of your journey to and from work (e.g. private car vs. public transport).




Ten Advantages....

.... of Assigning the Handling of Your Tax Issues to us:

  1. You save time while we take care of the necessary steps and forms

  2. You can be sure not to pay too much

  3. You don’t have to worry about deadlines, we keep track of the schedule and request a deferment if necessary

  4. With us you have a specialist at your service

  5. Take advantage of our reasonable and competitive pricing structure

  6. We advise you on all tax-related aspects of life

  7. We consider all possible deductions and any potential for optimisation

  8. Even in cases involving inheritance and endowments or donations, we are well equipped to support you

  9. The review of the approved and rejected deductions received back from the tax administration is included in our service as well as the verification of the final tax bill

  10. We advise you in case of objections and disputes with the tax administration office